Friday, May 1, 2009

Tonnarelli with Fava Beans & Pancetta in Brown Butter & Thyme

This is one of my favorite types of pasta. Something that is so simple, yet so delicious. I have made a Tuscan style pasta dish which shows some of the best of that region... Pork & Beans! Here I have used tasty fava beans with the succulent pancetta. After one bite, you'll realize that something so delicious doesn't have to be so complex.

TT = to taste

1) 1x Basic Pasta Dough - Tonnarelli recipe
2) 1 cup Pancetta, 1/4-1/3" dice or cut into lardons
3) 1 - 1 1/2 cups Blanched & Peeled Fava Beans - around 2# of fava beans in pods
4) 1 Stick of butter plus extra
5) 3-4 Large sprigs of fresh thyme
6) Fresh coarsely ground black pepper
7) Extra virgin olive oil for garnish
8) Pamiggiano reggiano, freshly grated for garnish

1)For tonnarelli, after pasta dough has rested, cut into 6 pieces
2)While working with one piece, keep the rest of the dough wrapped in plastic wrap
3)knead pasta through machine ten times, then roll pasta sheets 3 times on the largest setting
4)sheets should be around 1 foot in length
5)let sheets rest uncovered for 15-20 minutes. While resting bring salted water to boil over high heat
6)cut pasta through the thinnest cutter, forming tonnarelli
7)in a saute pan over low heat, add the pancetta and cook stirring occasionally until crispy
8)add butter and thyme to pan and cook until the milk solids brown
9)drop pasta in boiling water, as soon as it rises to top, pull out and add to saute pan with butter and pancetta
10)add a little pasta water to pan to help form the sauce, toss pasta so sauce coats the noodles
11)At the end, add the fava beans and bring them up to temperature.
12)season with a little salt & coarse black pepper
13)transfer to individual bowls or plates, and garnish with grated parmiggiano reggiano, extra virgin olive oil, coarse black pepper & some of the thyme if desired
14)serve immediately

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