Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Frittata con Herbi

This is a dish that is indicative of the Friuli region of Italy. In the spring time, the entire region is filled with fresh herbs. Despite that it is more reminiscent of the spring time, fresh herbs grow in the summer just as well. This is a very simple breakfast dish or even mid-day snack that is very light and fresh. If you grow your own herbs, it makes for a nice way to use them up. If not, the grocery store or farmer's market are substitutes. You can use whatever combination of herbs you like, so don't think that this particular combination is the only one. This is also wonderful to serve with some fresh fruit or prosciutto san daniele.

TT = to taste

Serves 2-3

1) 6 farm fresh eggs
2) 1/2 cup mixed fresh herbs, lightly packed, roughly chopped (sage, basil, oregano, flat leaf parsley)
3) 1/4 cup Montasio cheese, freshly grated (substitute parmiggiano reggiano)
4) pinch of sea salt
5) pinch of black pepper
6) 2T, plus extra for garnish, Good Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1) Crack eggs in mixing bowl, & add salt and pepper, then whisk together
2) Heat small non-stick saute pan over high heat until smoking
3) Add 2T of olive oil to pan
4) Add eggs to pan, then half of the fresh herbs
5) Move slightly with rubber scraper to help set bottom crust.
6) After about 20-30 seconds of cooking on stove top, remove from heat and place under broiler for 2-3 minutes until egg just forms top crust
7) Immediately transfer to serving platter & invert frittata onto plate.
8) Remember omelette should still be nice and creamy on the inside.
9) Garnish with grated cheese, the rest of the fresh herbs & a generous drizzle of good extra virgin olive oil
10) Serve immediately

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