Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bistecca con Verdure Grigliati en Cartoccio

This is a great dish for two that you can do on the charcoal grill just before it starts to get too cold outside. It is a nice and simple recipe that combines a great piece of steak with some delicious grilled vegetables. This would go delicious with a glass of red wine or a nice beer.

TT = to taste

for Steak:
1 1/2# Prime Bone-In Ribeye (Cowboy Steak)
TT Coarse Sea Salt
TT Coarsely smashed Black Pepper
1T chopped fresh rosemary

For vegetables:
3 med. Yukon Gold Potatoes, 1/4" slice
1/2 yellow onion, julienne
4oz, pancetta, 1/3" dice
4oz, Black Trumpet mushrooms
6 cloves of garlic in skin, smashed
2 sprigs of thyme, leaves only
1 sprig rosemary, leaves only
2T extra virgin olive oil, plus extra
TT sea salt
TT fresh ground black pepper

Pull steak out, and allow to come to room temperature
Pre-heat charcoal grill with chimney
In saute pan heat pancetta over med-low heat until crispy and fat has rendered.
remove pancetta, and reserve
add julienne onions and garlic to pan and saute in rendered fat for a few minutes
add mushrooms to pan and saute for a few minutes
remove from heat and reserve
toss together the pancetta, vegetables and aromatics with the olive oil, salt, and pepper
get out 2 large pieces of aluminum foil
brush the foil with some olive oil
divide the vegetable evenly among the two pieces of foil
wrap up vegetables in foil so they are fully closed
season steak with olive oil, salt, pepper and the rosemary
brush the grill with a little olive oil
place steak and vegetables on the grill (sometimes I like to cook the vegetable right in the coals
Grill steak until nice and caramelized on each side
cook until medium rare (120-125F)
remove steak and allow to rest for 10 minutes
cook vegetables until the potatoes are tender (about 20 minutes)
Once steak has rested and vegetables are done
Remove the vegetables from the foil and serve alongside the steak
drizzle steak and potatoes with a dab of some extra virgin olive oil and finish steak with a pinch of coarse sea salt
serve immediately

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