Monday, January 10, 2011

Salumi Misti

Here is a variety of the different types of salumi(cured meats) that I make. They are great to make during the fall and keep well over the cold winter months.

Bresaola - Cured beef tenderloin with fall spices from Piemonte
Salame Trentino - Salame from NE Italy flavored with garlic, beer & caraway
Salame al'Alba - Salame from Piemonte flavored with nebbiolo wine, fall spices & truffles
Finocchiona - Tuscan salame flavored with fennel pollen, fennel seeds, chianti, peppercorns & garlic
Duck Prosciutto - Cured duck breast in a similar style of prosciutto with salt, sugar, herbs & spices
Coppa - Spicy cured pork shoulder
Pancetta - Un-smoked cured rolled pork belly flavored with herbs & spices

Not Pictured:
Nduja - Spicy smoked spreadable salame from Calabria(Southern Italy)
Lardo Colonnata - Cured pork fat back with rosemary, juniper, garlic & other spices

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